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Doula at Home
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Birth Doula Support

In addition to classes and postpartum care, Baby Mama provides birth doula support. A birth doula is a professionally trained individual that supports the family during their pregnancy, birthing time, and postpartum journey by offering continuous emotional and physical support. A birth doula is an experienced childbirth companion providing reassurance, encouragement, and a calming presence during what can be a challenging and intense experience. Doulas provide evidence-based information and education about pregnancy, labor, and childbirth and help expectant parents understand their options, make informed decisions, and advocate for their preferences during the birthing process. 

The Baby Mama birth team provides continuous physical comfort measures and are trained in various comfort techniques and pain management strategies, such as breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, massage, and positioning. Our birth doulas also use a variety of helpful tools such as a birth ball, peanut ball, birth bar and Rebozo. Offering physical support helps the birthing person find positions that promote comfort and progress during labor. The entire Baby Mama brith doula team is certified in Gilligan's Guide. You can learn more about Gilligan's Guide here. Gilligan's Guide is an algorithm that assists the pregnant person’s body to rotate their unborn infant into the optimal or best position for birth. We refer to this as “Maternal Positioning for Optimal Fetal Positioning”. Our doulas are here to walk you through the steps. 


Birth doulas are a continuous presence, supporting expecting parents during their labor. They join the laboring person at their chosen birthing location (e.g., hospital, birth center, or home) and remain with the family throughout the labor and birth until at least an hour after baby is born. If you are preparing for a hospital birth, it is important to know that due to clinical and job responsibilities, registered nurses are unable to provide continuous birth support. Doulas also support the birth partner or support person, helping them feel involved and providing guidance on how they can best support the birthing person. Doulas work collaboratively with partners to create a positive and supportive environment.

Birth doulas collaborate with your healthcare clinician and birth team. Doulas do not provide medical care, but work alongside the healthcare team, including doctors, midwives, and nurses and help facilitate communication between the birthing person and the healthcare providers, ensuring the birthing person's preferences and values are respected and understood. 

The Baby Mama Birth Doula package includes two prenatal visits, on-call for your birth from 38 weeks to 41 weeks gestation and one postpartum visit. The prenatal visits focus on building rapport and connection and learning about birth preferences, values and goals. The birth doula is dedicated to your family for the on-call period 24/7 and the postpartum visit is an opportunity to process your birthing time, ask questions about the immediate postpartum time and offer the family a home cooked meal. 



If you are booking a birth doula service less than 45 days prior to the estimated due date there is an additional fee that is applied. This rush fee is in place due to the challenge of finding space for your prenatal appointments. Often times your doula will need to move other client's appointments around to accommodate a rush client.  Thank you for understanding. 

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