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Upcoming Classes

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One Day Birth Express Class

at Belly Bliss

June 15, 2024
July 13, 2024
August 3, 2024
September 7, 2024
October 5, 2024
November 2, 024
December 7, 2024

Mother Breastfeeding Baby

 Preparing for Breastfeeding Class

at CB&W

July 28, 2024
August 21, 2024
October 9, 2024
November 10, 2024


Midsection of mother carrying child while standing against brown background. Postpartum be

Preparing for Postpartum Class

at Belly Bliss

July 15, 2024
September 14, 2024
November 4, 2024

Postpartum belly and new born baby.jpg

Preparing for Postpartum Class

at CB&W

Private classes are offered for $100 per hour. The date and time will be a mutually agreed upon time and can be in person or virtual. 

Upcoming Classes

Birth Class

No matter your birth goals, the Baby Mama birth class prepares your mind and body to manage the waves of labor. This class is designed to educate you and your partner about the stages of labor, creating an optimal birth environment, partner advocacy and comfort measures such as positioning and movement to ease discomfort. We review various birthing scenarios with the goal to avoid the cascade of interventions that can often be experienced. We recommend essentials when away from home to foster a positive birth experience. Baby Mama will review tips for an induction and belly birth and by the end of this class, Baby Mama wants you to overcome any fears or anxieties, feel empowered to make informed decisions, and confident in your ability to self-advocate. Whether you plan to have an unmedicated birth, belly birth, or want to learn about comfort measures to bridge you to an epidural, this is a must take class!

"One Day Birth Express" Class hosted at Belly Bliss

Mother Holding Baby's Hand_edited.jpg

Postpartum Class

The Baby Mama Postpartum Class will prepare your transition into life with your newborn, including ways to support your physical recovery such as padsicles, sitz baths, nipple and breast care, abdominal support and nutritional recommendations. We also discuss the importance of your emotional and mental well-being. This comprehensive class covers everything you need to know and answers questions you didn't know to ask. Our focus is on education and preparation so your focus can be healing, resting and loving your baby. It is recommended that you take this class with your partner before you give birth so that you feel prepared!

Family in the Kitchen

Newborn Class

There is a lot to learn about these little humans. This class gives you a heads up before the head is out.

Our Newborn Class covers soothing techniques, umbilical care, diapering (cloth and disposable), sleep and hunger cues, tummy time, bathing techniques and more. This class brings extra focus to newborn sleep and highlights a guest presenter, a certified pediatric sleep consultant. Baby Mama provides you with tools and knowledge to better prepare you for life with your newborn. 

The Newborn Class does not currently have any upcoming class dates. Please reach out if you are interested!


Baby Mama offers a free 30-minute Zoom session to discuss how we can best support you. Click the button below to schedule.   

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