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About Baby Mama

Baby Mama is a convenient, central resource for expecting and new parents as they navigate the natal period, from any stage in pregnancy to postpartum and beyond. Baby Mama connects with parents and parents-to-be through weekly free support groups, offers tailored one-on-one consultations, classes and in-home care. There's a lot to learn and understand as you enter the world of parenthood and all parents should have access to a reliable, personable, and knowledgeable resource. The questions that arise throughout pregnancy and postpartum can lead to overwhelming thoughts and anxiety and Google searches often lead to more questions. Baby Mama’s purpose is to calm your fears, answer your questions, assist in your recovery and support your family as you bring your bundle of joy home.

As registered nurses, doulas, and moms, Kaylan and Kiera have a unique appreciation for the transition into parenthood and recognize the gap in health care that unfortunately exists for women at this stage of life. It is their passion to support women with evidence-based care, best practices and bridge the gap to better support pregnant women, new moms and their families. Baby Mama provides personalized guidance, acknowledging that one approach does not serve every family.


At Baby Mama we are inclusive of all families and recognize that they are made in a variety of ways. Whether your family was created through surrogacy, adoption, vaginal or cesarean birth, we acknowledge that everyone needs support during these beautiful, yet challenging life transitions.


Kaylan Sharp, RN, BSN, BS, CLE, PCD(DONA) obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Duke University School of Nursing in 2011, after obtaining a BS in human physiology from Boston University in 2006. After working in the intensive care unit and heart catheterization lab, she decided to stay at home with her then three children in 2018. Kaylan became passionate about birth and women’s health in 2013 while pregnant with her first child, as she became aware of the gap in our current healthcare surrounding women’s health in pregnancy, labor and postpartum. She has shared her nursing knowledge, experience, and doula training about pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum, and parenthood with countless families. Kaylan has 4 kids and lives in Denver with her husband, Scott.


Kiera Davis, MS, RN, BSN, BA, obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Duke University School of Nursing in 2010, after obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Boston University in 2006. Kiera worked as a Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care nurse for four years before joining Stanford University in 2015. She now holds the title of Clinical Associate Director, where she focuses on training clinical research staff. She obtained a master’s degree in clinical research from Campbell University in 2022. Kiera supported Kaylan through all four of her pregnancies and births and has remained interested in women’s health. She is now making the transition to support women, mothers and their families through her work with Baby Mama. She lives in Denver with her husband, Brian and their baby. 

Kaylan and Kiera created Baby Mama with the intention to be an approachable and evidence-based resource to ensure families are supported through pregnancy and when bringing baby home. Sharing their experiences, nursing knowledge and doula training helps prepare families for whatever this new chapter brings so they are able to focus on what really matters, loving their babies. 

Our mission is to guide, empower and support families during one of life’s most beautiful but challenging transitionsBaby Mama wants you to feel comfortable and confident and accomplishes this mission through classes, consultations and in-home care. 


We are all in this together and we are stronger as a community. Please let us know how we can best support your parenthood journey. 

Baby Mama offers a free 30-minute Zoom session to discuss how we can best support you. Click the button below to schedule.   

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